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poop An expression used to describe the act of taking a dump, pooping, or evacuating your bowels of excrement. taking the browns to the super bowl
Where is the ladies room? I have to go drop the kids off at the pool.
by tanima May 20, 2004
Releasing fecal matter into the bowl of a toilet; pooping, as in "taking a shit"
"I'll be right back, I gotta drop the kids off at the pool."
by RJC RSX April 20, 2003
Having a bowel movement; taking a shit.
yuuper1: Want to get some milkshakes?
yuuper2: No, thanks, I plan on dropping the kids off at the pool later and that would just push me over the edge.
by Stinky Brain December 26, 2003
Taking a number 2.
Also known as "Commissioning some officers" or "Deploying the navy seals"
Guy #1 "What you doing in there?"

Guy #2 "I'm Dropping the kids off at the pool what do you think i'm doing?"
by Jpsh34 May 29, 2008
To make a large dump in the toilet. To drop more then one poop off in a setting.

Also, sometimes the kids open the door too quickly or some get caught in the door making it harder for the other ones to come out.
Susie:Hey girl! where have you been?

Monica: oh I was just dropping the kids off at the pool.

Susie: OHHH.
by hmchin17 August 11, 2009
A term meaning to have a bowel movement; to POOP!
"HAHAHA Dawg, im dropping the kids off at the pool." -Bird Turd

"I want to go swimming :("- Doo Doo Brain
by Birdie<3/ Bird Turd February 24, 2011
A term meaning to deposit fecal matter into a toilet, to drop them down into a pool of water.
Once i had to poo so bad i found this funny, "Dropping the kids off at the pool"
by Josep February 08, 2006

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