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When someone receives unjust consequences for being honest and speaking their mind, like so few people do today.
Person 1: "dude, don't Murphy me like that."
Person 2: "my god, i didn't mean to! let me prostrate myself in order to make up for this most grievous fault"
by Ace2203 December 14, 2011
A camel toe variant when the thong gets wedged into the vagina and the vagina begins to slowly consume the underwear.
Fuck, I'm having a murphy right now.
by NoodleGuppy October 02, 2011
a warrior,in olden medieval times
that warrior was fierce,he must be a murphy
by shannon M June 14, 2008
Murphys Irish Stout. Chewey and rich. Damn good beer!!!
I picked up a couple Murpheys pints for tonite.
by Pahylah August 14, 2005
The best guy you will ever meet. A Murphy is often overlooked. But simply put, he is a king among men. He will gladly give you the shirt off his back and ask for nothing in return. He is a lover and not a fighter. He'll defend what is right and your honor. A kindred spirit. Ridiculously good looking. Kind hearted. Hard working.
I'm lucky to have a Murphy as a co-worker.
by Djlover November 12, 2013
The best girlfriend a guy could ask for!
Murphy is my favorite person
by thisisforyou:) November 18, 2010
To disappear from a scene quickly without much notice, similar to the way that a murphy bed is quickly and easily stowed into the wall, disappearing from sight. A synonym for an "irish exit".
Dude, I think that girl I just frenched was actually a guy. Now he wont leave me alone! I have to murphy out of here with the quickness.
by happymente October 13, 2011