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The act of slaming a man's head into your pussy, by grasping the ears of the man and pulling face towards pussy at a high rate of speed. Has been known to leave a pussy-shaped imprint on the dumb motherfuckers face. In extreme cases, can also inflict disjointing of the nose bridge.
"Eat my fucking pussy, or I will PLAM your ugly face, prick!"
by No.1 BITCH July 14, 2003
PLatitude spAM -- Quotes and clichés, often superimposed on pictures, posted on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. This amounts to spam because it contaminates one's news feed with barrages of well-meaning platitudes that don't provide useful information. They are not as provocative or inspiring as their intent when seen repeatedly and often.
I had to unfollow some friends because, rather than expressing their own thoughts, they were filling up my Twitter timeline with retweeted plam.
#spam #cliché #platitude #quote #picture quote #truism #hackneyed saying
by dMaculate April 04, 2013
A small lemon like fruit with a light peach coloring. Typically eaten in China. Sometimes used to make jams such as plam jam. A plam by itself is quite bitter. With other things it is used to even out sweet dishes.
"Pick me up some plam jam at the store honey"
#plan #jelly #plum #lemon #slam
by I am correct. June 23, 2014
To stick a cold stick of butter up ones ass.
Person1: What happened to u on saturday?
Person2: I got tipsy and this guy stuck a entire stick of butter up my butt
Person1:sounds like you got plammed!
#plamm #plaming #plammer #plamed #plammed
by boximus April 03, 2012
Stuffing your face at a Royal Wedding.
Yo bitches lets go to the Royal Wedding and plam
#plam #royal #wedding #stuffing #palm
by UnholyJew April 29, 2011
To violently but emotionally consume something
Ohh man that food looks so good, Im going to plam that ****
#plam #plaming #plamer #plamist #plamophile
by Colbin Gineus of the Gnomes January 07, 2010
To spam a celebrities twitter or blogtv by asking "Do you like MUSTARD (insert name here) ?!" until they answer.
*Kaleb Nation logs on to twitter*
"Do you like MUSTARD?!"
*confused as hell and pretends to ignore*
"Do you like MUSTARD?!"
*caves in*
"I like mustard on pork sandwiches!"
"Plam win."
#spam #spamming #noob #n00b #plam #mustard
by TCWCKG August 06, 2009
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