Pitt is a University that sucks the most cock of any university in existence ever. Dave Wandstedd is their football coach, mainly just to even further show how fucking stupid this "university" is. They started ranked 15th in the nation and those cock lickers have proceeded to lose 2 of their first 3 games already..dick heads. I know for a fact my 5 year old retarded cousin has a higher IQ than 95% of the students there, and Dave Wandstedd. Penn Sate fucks them in the ass in just about every category that there is. WVU then shits on Penn State and Pitt in just about every way imaginable. Most of those ass clown couldn't even spell Pittsburgh. Don't even get me started on their basketball team, which sucks more dick than 10 gay pornstars in a gay bar. I would rather chop off my own dick than attend that school. Eat shit Pitt.
I got an 11 on my ACT. Penn State sent me back a letter verifying that I was legally mentally challenged. Pitt gave me a Presidential Scholorship.

Many thought Pitt's football team would be good this year, then they looked on the sidelines and saw who their coach was and realized, like always, they are fucked.
by Eatshitpitt October 02, 2010
Top Definition
A leading research university of about 30,000 students. Located in the heart of Oakland, in central Pittsburgh. Well-known for kicking ass in football, basketball and pretty much everything else. Location of the first polio vaccine and the largest organ transplant center in the world. Has a traditional rivalry with Penn State, who is afraid to play Pitt in football. Chief rival is now West Virginia. Competes in Big East conference, nickname is Panthers.
Pitt raped Penn State, 91-54, in the schools' most recent men's basketball game.
by panther75 March 24, 2006
A family of the coolest mutha fuckas around.
I was chillin with the Pitts boyz last night
by YoungJCP March 23, 2005
best college basketball team in the land.
Pitt is 16-0 and will win the National Title.
by BJK January 11, 2004
(n) A classic name
hey pitts sup my main man.?
by pat schmitz November 03, 2003
a tall ass white baller with a wannabe fro.
one of the playafromthymilays that go to wayzata
damn did u see pitts' vertical at the game last night that motherfucker dunked it over that black kid
by TOB fo eva January 25, 2005
swedish word for dick, cock, penis, i think you get it.
Jag mötte en kille med enorm pitt igår.
by BaverBajs May 17, 2006
Being sick on a guy's penis or scrotum after gagging on it. Also know as giving someone a " Pitts " can mean three gay men having anal together.
Sorry about that Pitts last night!
by ConnorJason June 03, 2014
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