The area between your leg and testicles.
My pitt is so sweaty from playing basketball.
by comic_collector December 19, 2009
The worst part of your day or something bad
Girl rejects you

Best mate:that's Pitt for you
by The joker 619 February 03, 2014
What Debbie Fucky calls me.
Debbie: Hey, it's Pitts.
Me: Actually, fuckwit, my last name is Pitt.
by Anonymous October 24, 2003
melodic part of drumline
Hey, those lesbos in pitt can't play timpani worth shit
by Celticbp May 04, 2004
A dam fine DC player

Also known as Sgt_Pitt

or Sergaent Pitt
God damn you Pitt stop killing me :)
by dan January 26, 2004
abbreviation for the "pittbull" breed of canidae or canine.
"I got Two big pitts,
I call them Mobb Bitch Nigga eaters," Tupac Shakur
by onelove December 05, 2006
getting high off of little amounts of marijuana
hey man lets go get pitted out
by Bob Sievert November 18, 2004
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