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The male version of scissoring.
Two men wrap legs with boners to start pitchforking, whoever gets a penis in their butthole got pitchforked.
by Holetrain March 09, 2014
A finger in the ass, pussy and urethra.
You won't believe this, but she's into pitchforking!
by newword1666 November 20, 2011
A threesome with all Dudes.
Mike: "Yo I had a threesome last night"
John: "Was it a love sandwich or a devils threeway?"
Mike: "Neither, I was pitchforking"
by TheRealGhostbusters October 17, 2015
The male equivalent of scisoring. When two men interlock legs and connect at the groin area.
My sister's boyfriend did a tandem zipline ride and it looked like he was pitchforking with the tour guide.
by DirtyMind303 January 07, 2015
To fall asleep.
To knock out.
To "hit the hay" like a farmer's pitchfork.
Guy: Dude, you wanna go party?
Dude: Naw, man, I'm pitchforking already.
by mous3 May 25, 2011

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