1. a sexual act where a girl waits and the guy runs, slides and enters, in a very straight line. (as in a zipline) It's a difficult act to maneuver, and only for the very talented. For the more adventurous, use props such as rollerblades, ice skates, or, in more extreme outdoor situations, an actual zipline.

2. The opposite. The guy waits for the girl.
3. Anal variations
4. Oral variations
5. Reverse Zipline

6. Inverted Zipline
"I totally ziplined the shit out of that girl last night."

Larry: "Hey Amy, how did you break your nose?"
Amy: "Aw man I had a terrible inverted ziplining accident last night."
Larry: "No way, I thought you were a square. Call me up later."

Jay: Fuck my life. My mom found my "ziplining" skates.
Laura: Don't worry I saw your mom setting up a zipline in the backyard.
by AsianLounge69 October 12, 2009
get your ass here in a hot minute. to come over to ones house, location, whereabouts quick. come over fast.
hey baby, why don't you zip line over to me and we can chill.
that chick zip lined straight to the club.
zip line down here and we can roll out!
by IndiPrincess July 10, 2008
(zĭp'līn') verb. The act of snorting any of a variety of powdered substances from a husband's bare ass, as performed by a Cabo-born woman of asian descent, while simultaneously finishing him off with a happy ending.

Alternate definition: swinging through trees or some shit like that.
I'm going to zipline coke of your husbands bare ass.
by lightenupfrancis April 01, 2010

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