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A princess, cutest thing in the world!
She is so Pinkie!
#pinkie #pinky #pinkee #pinker dink #pinkiee
by Pinkie721 November 11, 2014
the smallest finger is called pinkie
''your pinkie is active''
by parisa November 08, 2015

1-A European with pink features: cheeks, nose, ears, lips, skin. 2-A white Caucasian adult or child or newborn called such because of the color their transparent skin turns when the blood rushes up to its under layers as a result of crying, getting angry, or staying in the sun for too long. 3- A white man's penis. 4-A pink and hairless baby rat.
I always laugh when Pinkies claim to be the first people to "discover" America.

I almost threw-up today when I walked in on a white women sucking her pinkie's pinkie.

I just fed my pet scorpion a frozen pinkie.
#caucasian #white #european #whitey #cracker
by defineditproperly September 04, 2010
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