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A reference to a woman's genitalia (indicative of the pink flesh, of course), specifically referring to intercourse or penetration.
Sally: "So what happened with Jake last night?"
Veronica: "He was in the pink, and it was good."
Bill: "You put the cucumber WHERE?"
Tom: "In the pink."
by sorcha September 28, 2004
As a friend fictionally described it; a rare Jamaican fruit. Another term for pussy.
He has no facial hair because he eats a lot of kusi.
by sorcha September 27, 2004
Singular: a California Highway Patrol officer.
Plural: ChiPs - as in the 80's tv show. Erik Estrada played Poncho ("Ponch") & some other dude played his partner, Jon. Quality show.
I was doin' 95 on I-5 yesterday and all of a sudden, I had two CHiPs on my ass.
by sorcha October 07, 2004

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