A pop singer
The female vagina
1.Did you see Pink on t.v. last night?
2.Pink got her pink licked on live tv!
by imalive December 10, 2003
1. The color pink, white with a soft amount of red, or red with some added white.
2. A pop singer, right now most famous for her new hit 'So What'. She spells it P!nk. Obviously, P!nk is not her real name :)
1. "The rose is a shade of pink"
2. "P!nk rocked her concert last night!"
by Jewel-Leeana February 09, 2009
lesbian singer
absoloutey LOVES the pussy, so I'm told.
Pink is one dykin' ass bitch
by Hamburglar March 28, 2005
(Prop N) Alicia Moore. A singer who used to sing lead sing for a punk rock band, then signed on to Arista Records, sold out like blink 182 to sing Destiny's Child style music, then now turned to do Pop rock music.
by QZkotL July 20, 2003
THE hottest singer to have ever walked this face of the earth!!! Married to the hottest guy ever, Carey Hart

known from the hits like:
"Get The Party Started"
"Dont let me get me"
"Who Knew"
"Dear Mr. President"

and many more. p!nk also stars in the horror movie "Catacombs"
1. pink made a new music video last night

2. pink is so hot
by kay neubauer November 02, 2007
1. A color. Nuff said.

2. A pop artist I hate because she didn't diss Hilary Duff and Avril Lavigne in her Stupid Girls video. Come on, how ignorant do you have to be to not realize that they are just as bad as Lindsay Lohan or Jessica Simpson? She must be on crack. Actually she is.
(Mike and Ike are watching Stupid Girls on MTV.)

Ike: I just don't get why Hilary and Avril aren't dissed! OMG!

Mike: That's 'cause Pink is of the same brand of "look at me i'm so punk" pseudo-rock singers as those poseur bitches, and dissing them would be like dissing herself.

Ike: Oooooooooh, now I see. Mike, you're so smart.

Mike: Thanks, I know.
by Huuligan May 18, 2006
If it's new. If it's hip. If it's fuckin' tight ass sh*t that you know just can't be ignored...
If it's funky. If it's fresh. If it's chill ass. If it's sweet. If it's nice. If it's awesome. If it rocks. If it's rad. If it's too cool for school. If it's bomb ass sh*t. If it's bank. If it's money. It's . . . PINK.
P1: Did you see that car?
P2: Yeah. Wasn't it sweet?
P1: Nah. Dude that was pink.

P1: O my gosh! It's Orlando! He's so hot!
P2: Yeah right! He's pink!
by a.j.p chi-db-phi October 19, 2004
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