Pink is a the new blue. Pink is very popular because a male or a female can wear it. It is a beautiful and stylish color that almost every female loves and it is a tight color for pimps.
ex. # 1:
Girl:Wow girl that pink skirt is gonna make a nigga get at it tonight.
ex. # 2:
Girl:Ooh! Look your man is rockin' a pink tee. Now that's what i call pimpin'
by numba1pimpette August 04, 2005
Anytype Of Porno
by Brendan Zammit September 29, 2003
a color worn by females, homosexuals, and dumbasses who think its a gangsta/pimp/cool/hip/phat/hot/thugish color.
the color pink was NOT meant to be worn by men.
if you are a male and dont wear pink, your cool in my book
if you have worn pink before and regret it, your forgivin
if your male and wear pink and dont regret it, youll probley be mobbed walking down a street.
man1: "check it man im wearing pink, how manly am i?"
man2: "not very..more like how feminine are you. loser"
by playa del seville November 30, 2005
pink is what colour a white mans dick is pink and small
me "wow my dick nice and big and black"
honky "ohhh mines small and a weird gay pink colour"
by oliforde January 31, 2008
1. A color. Nuff said.

2. A pop artist I hate because she didn't diss Hilary Duff and Avril Lavigne in her Stupid Girls video. Come on, how ignorant do you have to be to not realize that they are just as bad as Lindsay Lohan or Jessica Simpson? She must be on crack. Actually she is.
(Mike and Ike are watching Stupid Girls on MTV.)

Ike: I just don't get why Hilary and Avril aren't dissed! OMG!

Mike: That's 'cause Pink is of the same brand of "look at me i'm so punk" pseudo-rock singers as those poseur bitches, and dissing them would be like dissing herself.

Ike: Oooooooooh, now I see. Mike, you're so smart.

Mike: Thanks, I know.
by Huuligan May 18, 2006
lesbian singer
absoloutey LOVES the pussy, so I'm told.
Pink is one dykin' ass bitch
by Hamburglar March 28, 2005
If it's new. If it's hip. If it's fuckin' tight ass sh*t that you know just can't be ignored...
If it's funky. If it's fresh. If it's chill ass. If it's sweet. If it's nice. If it's awesome. If it rocks. If it's rad. If it's too cool for school. If it's bomb ass sh*t. If it's bank. If it's money. It's . . . PINK.
P1: Did you see that car?
P2: Yeah. Wasn't it sweet?
P1: Nah. Dude that was pink.

P1: O my gosh! It's Orlando! He's so hot!
P2: Yeah right! He's pink!
by a.j.p chi-db-phi October 19, 2004

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