The manliest color ever made. Used to be the color for boys and blue was the color for girls, until they got switched around for some reason.
Average Dude: Oh hey, what's up--whoa, what the hell are you wearing?
Muscular Manly Dude: A pink shirt. Pink's my favorite color. Didn't you know that?
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by A Splashing Koi February 13, 2012
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slang reference to the vagina
im gonna get me some pink
by curios george January 15, 2003
A colthing line by Victoria's Secret. It includes Panites, tank tops, shorts, bathing suits etc...
I love the new Pink bathing suit I got from Victoria's Secret.
by eb1radtech May 28, 2005
A word girls wear written across their butts.
Half the people in my study hall today were wearing sweatpants with, "PINK", "LOVE PINK" or some variation on the latter stamped on their asses.
#preppy #sweatpants #fad #high school #popular #pointless
by Blinx-the-kitty February 11, 2009
Pink*The New Red!

Donut's favorite color.
"My armor's not pink. You guys are colorblind. It's more of a lightish red."
"Guess what? They already have a color for lightish red. You know what its called? Pink!"
by Speaker for the Dead June 01, 2004
Street term used to describe the deed of a vehicle. After a street race, loser hands out the "pinks" of his car to the winner. With the "pinks", the winner is the outright owner of that car and can sell it for parts or add it to his stable.
I'll race your ass for pinks.
by 0verl0rd July 06, 2005
Name of the Psudo Pink Floyd rocker character in the film The Wall, written by none other than Pink Floyd. He never speaks in the movie, as the whole thing is a string of trippy cartoons and Pink in various scenes from his childhood, and scenes from the TV he's watching.
...........(staring blankly at the TV)- Pink
#pinky #pink floyd #the wall #drug freakout movies #watch when your high!
by unoriginal name June 30, 2006
an irritating choice of word for "pussy" or any vaginal based slang, used in the original manga books of "Battle Royale" when translated into english.
"tell me something i wanna hear, tell me of some pink, tell me something i can masturbate over"
by shrug January 28, 2004
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