The slapping of a woman or man using the back of the hand. It can also be done by extending the hand at the end of the arm extension so a stinging fingernail Pimp Hand is achieved.
Voice 1:"Damn! Are you gonna take that shit?"
Voice 2:"Hell no! Im gonna Pimp Hand that bitch"
by Bizzazy April 04, 2006
to take control of a sales or business situation.
i got the asking price because i kept my pimp hand strong.
by vic digacomo November 24, 2005
Having control of yar women is indicative of a strong Pimp Hand. You must never show a weak Pimp Hand with the ladies of they will not respect ya.
Homie has a strong Pimp Hand
by Jph February 15, 2005
Your ability to pimp a ho.
Is your pimp hand strong?
by DaSnoopinatorFoSho March 22, 2003
Using you strong hand to slap a bitch.
D.S. just slapped you with her pimp hand. Bitch!!!
by D.S. March 11, 2005
using your pimp hand to keep the gurls attracted to you..being a player
keep the pimp hand strong..
"will do will do"
by brendan February 22, 2004
Of or, relating to, or dealing with, Matt Bonetti. See also C-Money
Dan: "Yo, what's goin on Pimp Hand!"
Pimp Hand: "Do we have Hoffman HW?"
by T-Dawg April 08, 2005

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