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When someone owes someone else money and doesn't pay, that person must proceed to choke a bitch. Most often used in the scenario of a pimp and a hoe
Wayne Brady: What's this? Mr. Benjamin looks lonely.
Hoe: Sorry daddy.
Wayne Brady: Sorry? Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?
by therealsuperman8 February 08, 2009
The act of a pimp (see pimp) doesn't recieve payment from his hoe (see hoe). A pimp then maybe have to "Choke a bitch" in order to recieve proper payment.
If I don't get my money, I am gonna have to choke a bitch.
by i_r_sexy January 14, 2005
What Wayne Brady does if you dont have his money, bitch.
Is Wayne Brady gonna have to get up out dis car and CHOKE-A-BITCH?!
by bajawasaurus August 20, 2006
To strangle a female ususally in frustration to an action or a situation she has created.

Peter: Man, that girl sitting next to me at the bar keeps biting me!

Eamon: There is only one solution: Chokeabitch.
by UWP-Bubbles January 30, 2006
When a person deemed a bitch or biatch gets on your bad side, whether the person be a prof, a teacher, a security guard at the mall, that annoying person at the market, or the asshole who cut you off in traffic, the only response is to release one's anger in a choking manner.
Prof. H was blowing me off so much in lecture today, i was feelin i was bouts to choke a bitch!

That granny in the crown vic cut me off in the fast lane and was goin 40!!! If she hadn't pulled to the right, i woulda had to choke a bitch!
by Capt. choker-of-biatches June 20, 2007
When a Bitch gets so frustrating and annoying, all you can do is Choke a Bitch, Shawne Merriman style.
Shawne: Bitch, you annoying me.
Tila: Then get out.
Shawne: Bitch, Im about to Choke a Bitch.
by Roko77 September 07, 2009
to release stress; to yell obscene words out in panic or frustration; to masturbate
I have so much homework right now I just want to choke a bitch!
by DJ Little Strawberry December 06, 2004
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