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Noun: Large white and blubbery individual, usually male. They are the particular subset of lard arses who are so stupid they constantly smile inanely, laugh at everything even when they are having the piss ripped out of themselves.
Derived from that jocular blob of starch the Pilsbury Doughboy
My mate Matt is a complete pilsbury
by SeaPanther December 01, 2004
The act of sticking ones penis into another human beings belly button. Person is usually has a "Pilsbury Belly".
"My girlfriend was on her period, so we did it Pilsbury Style."
by MercedesCat December 07, 2013
Adj. Someone who is very good at intercourse and enjoyable to sleep with. Usually female even though the term derives from Pilsbury commercials where the Pilsbury Doughboy gets poked in the end and giggles.
Man 1: "Yo my girlfriend is so annoying"

Man 2: "Then get rid of her"

Man 1: "I can't she's so fun to Poke. She's like the Pilsbury doughboy"

Man 2: "Ooh Ahhh Oh Poppin fresh ho"
by Top Saman (Samwise) February 10, 2011
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