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The act of inserting one's penis inside of another persons belly button. After insertion the person receiving the penis immediately yelps "YIPEE!!!" exactly like the Pilsbury Dough Boy does.
Nilano: Hey man i want to try a new move on you tonight.

Black man: What is it?

Nilano: Its called the Pilsbury Dough Boy, I WANT TO STICK MY PENIS INTO YOUR BELLY BUTTON!

Black man: That sounds like one hell of a time!!! I cant wait! The cum is going to look so white on my dark skin!

Nilano:...it would, but i dont cum yet.

Black man: oh right..
by Nilano April 14, 2008
When a penis is inserted into the penis hole of another person.
Nilano: yo black man, can i stick my skrawny wiener into your large cock?

Black man: Oh sure Nilano, I have always secretly wanted you to attmept to thread the needle on me.
by Nilano April 14, 2008

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