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A person or persons who humps farm animals for sport.
Those Welland folks are Pillicks.
by REG February 02, 2004
11 4

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Alternative to pillock, a term of mild abuse, derogatory
You stupid pillick! you swapped your title to the Dukedom for a cartload of turnips?
by John van Rooy May 01, 2002
41 9
a small penis, a tiny weiner ect
"Brad Pitt probably has a pillick"
by dick fitswell August 24, 2003
25 23
See also Pillock
Along the way he lovingly mocks rednecks, harangues Dick Clark, and makes a complete pillick of Charlton Heston, who as spokesman for the NRA ("out of my cold dead hands!" he keeps saying as he opens their meetings) resembles no one more than that other famous actor/puppet/statesman, Ronald Reagan
by Anonymous June 15, 2003
5 17