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An Invincible Man who has his own television special once a year on CBS after he leaves the Cryogenic holds of a new york laboratory. After his television special, he is frozen once again to retain his perpetual looks for all of eternity
When Nuclear Holocaust happens, Dick and Cockroaches will be the only thing still living.
by Chris.Pwn.J00 December 31, 2004
1) Full name Richard Wagstaff Clark, Dick Clark had his first major TV appearance as the host of "American Bandstand" in 1957. Nicknamed "The World's Oldest Teenager" for his ability to always be knowledgable about America's popular music. 2004 was the 30th anniversery of his anual hosting of "New Year's Rockin' Eve"
2) A man who seems to have figured out how to live forever.
This song has been around forever! It's so Dick Clark!
by Assessment January 02, 2004
Teabagging someone, but before the balls enter the mouth a countdown from ten occurs. Usually followed by a shout of "Happy New Year!"
Don't pass out at Billy's house, he'll give you the Dick Clark.
by A. Sheehan January 03, 2008
Someone who gets sexually turned on when put in front of a huge audience of clowns
I saw Jimmy is doin a speech at the clown convention with a boner. He is a complete dickclark
by ClownLover :0) May 04, 2009
When you use a scented hard-on cream on your penis and recieve a blowjob with a decent amount of cream on, and by the time you are all done the female (or male if you stray that way) will not be able to feel his/her mouth. Thus leading to talking like Dick Clark
Dude, I have no idea what happened. I put hard on cream on my cock and my girl started blowin' me and the next thing i knew after the blowjob, she started talking like fuckin' Dick Clark himself!
by Mr. Speech Impediment July 07, 2010
A hard slap across a person's chest while yelling "Dick Clark".

It was invented during a drunken dispute over whether it was Dick Clark or James Garner on "The Rockford Files".
If you don't keep your fuckin mouth shut you're gonna get Dick Clarked.
by TheAmazingMexicoy December 21, 2010
The guy who sounded like Corky from "Life Goes On" on New Years Eve 2005.
Dick Clark has alot in common with Corky now.
by DAR4652 January 07, 2006
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