phoner, a word describing the look of your cellular phone bulging out of your pocket to look like and erection or boner....
Bro 1:.... "Bro i think i'm hitting you with my phoner..."

Bro 2:"your phone is right there bro....'

moment of ackward silence....

Bro 1:"wait its just my ipod.... LOLS"
by Price Chopper.... July 13, 2009
When your phone lodges in your breeches at an awkward or uncomfortable angle, causing a suspicious bulge in the crotchal region. It does not necessarily mean your pants are too tight (a common misconception),and can usually be explained away or even pointed out for a laugh.
Tod: umm... hey, buddy, look south.

Me: Jesus! Dude, i swear it's just a phoner.


"Hey, Everybody, CHECK OUT MY PHONER!"
by youcancontactme August 12, 2008
When your phone flips in your pocket making it appear as if you have a boner.
I thought he was really into it, turns out it was just a phoner.
by fritogirll May 06, 2015
When you have to peek down at your cell phone, somewhere near your amazingly large genitals, just so the teacher doesn't see you have it out.

When you do this, you look like an idiot staring at their own crotch. In essence, you have a phoner.
Dude: Did you talk to Rob at all?
Dude 2: He had a phoner the entire time, so no.
by Only Prophet November 09, 2011
when one unexpectedly receives a text from a hot girl and becomes aroused.
Person 1: dude when i was sitting in class, haley texted me and i got the biggest "phoner"

Person 2: Dude haley's is so hot
by reallyloudspeakers October 29, 2011
(n) Occurs when one's phone lays in his front pocket in such a way that the apearance of a raging erection is simulated.
Person 1: Yo man, Eric fell asleep and I think he's got a boner!

Person 2: No way - he's definitely pulling a phoner.
by MutherFacker September 27, 2011
Pronounced (Phone-er)
When the phone in your pocket gives the illusion to others that you have a boner
Jill: "Woah.. is that your phone??"
Jack: "no, its my phoner"
by ajdiffee September 11, 2011

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