When the outline of your phone can be seen through your jeans.
*Guy sits down and sees his phone through his jeans*

"Dang, I've got a huge phoner right now."
by TYBGriff September 09, 2013
Noun: foh-ner A Boner induced by a sexual voice heard over the phone.
"Damn girl, you sound sexy, I have a very large phoner"
by Allok January 09, 2013
A term used when one's phone forms a bulge in their pocket, and is mistaken for an erection.

Phoners are usually found in men who wear jeans or extremely tight pants.
Guy 1: Dude, is that a Boner?

Guy 2: Nah man, I just have a Phoner.
by Moondoggie October 15, 2012
When your phone vibrates while in your pants.
Girl-"So how have you been?"
*phone vibrates*
Guy- "hold on, i have to take care of my phoner"
by bringmesoup August 06, 2011
When a cellphone or device of similarity protrudes out of your pants (usually tight jeans) and can be mistaken as an erect or semi-erect penis.
Kaitlyn: John are you excited?
John: Oh, that's just my phoner.
by magikarpusedsplash May 25, 2011
when you have hot phone sex and you get an erection and thus a phoner
hey last night I called a phone sex line and got a major phoner
by zadowmanic January 17, 2011
When on the phone, you get a boner. This can be spontaneous and happen without warning. The causes of a Phoner can be numerous. You could be daydreaming of the hot girl from your office, the wind could blow, or you could be interrupted while surfing your favorite sites.
I was talking to her on my iPhone and I got a mad Phoner.
by Dogma_Jones November 10, 2010

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