Sexual arousal caused by sudden vibrations. Usually accompanied by ridiculous rings tones, need I say more?
Cindy: So then I was all like I'm going to shove my-

*Nigel's cellphone begins to ring in his pants pocket*

Cindy: Are you going to answer that?

Nigel: Answer what?

Cindy: Your phone, it's been ringing for a good 2 minutes....

Nigel: Oh, WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT you're RIGHT! I TOTALLY wasn't even paying attention.

Cindy: Were you getting another one of those BLOODY Phoner's! Nigel I told you to keep your God Damn phone in your jacket pocket I can't believe your getting ONE-On at the dinner table with my parents right beside you.

Nigel: Huh?
by JonFriesAlot April 22, 2011
When your phone is in your pocket and it's placed in a way that it looks like you have a boner
"Is that a phoner or are you just happy to see me."
"Shut the fuck up frank"
by dopeturtle May 21, 2015
A Phoner is an awkward boner resulting from accidentally leaving your phone sitting on your junk. When someone subsequently calls, the vibration leads to a Phoner.
Bzzz bzzz bzzz.
John: Dude why the hell do you have a boner right now?
Alex: Someone called me three times and I was too lazy to move. Now I have a massive Phoner.
John: ....
by phoners4days November 28, 2013
When the phone in your pocket resembles an erection.
Steve: dude, you got a boner?
Joe: Na its just a phoner
by /bkhj May 16, 2011
Having a phone in your pocket that is so large and protruding that it looks like a boner.
"Does that guy have a boner or a phoner? I can't tell and it's starting to creep me out."

"Oh sorry, it's just my Note 3. Not a boner, just a phoner."
by gboi92 July 12, 2014
Being aroused or turned on by sexual texts or photos via phone
Man, last night I had a rockin' phoner when Kelly texted!
by Marcksman March 24, 2014
an erection that is caused from the various vibration patterns of a cell phone alert in ones pocket, this can also occur with women, it is simply called a lady phoner.
Friend 1 :Dude let's go we have been sitting here for hours.
Friend 2: I can't get up yet, my girlfriend keeps texting me and it gave me a raging phoner. Just go without me.
Friend 1: Just tuck it in, we are going to miss the movie, turn your phone on silent!
by Silhouette951 November 14, 2013
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