a girl that is very smart

but very competitive
likes guys named raymond and girls named bottle
"shes such a phoenix"
"ew! what a phoenix!"
by stephylikesgibb April 07, 2010
A great friend but comes up with really bad jokes sometimes really random but not bad. She is gorgeous and a best friend of lots of people, she is really popular and fun to talk to. She has a bit of a smell so you will know when its her. But gorgeous and smart.
Man i smell something gross.......

Oh i know you smell Phoenix.

I met a super nerd today, i forgot the name though....

Oh i know who that is, its Phoenix
by I love phoenix May 28, 2009
A elite coder with expert Knowledge of the C++ Programming Language
Gamedev.net - Ridethephoenix
by RIDETHEPHEONIX February 06, 2009
A sorry excuse for a city. Sorry but it is. Those who move here from great cities like Chicago, New York, San Francisco, what have you deserve what they (usually) have coming. Why do people think we have such great weather? Is 110 degrees great weather? People here will tell you that its a dry heat or something stupid like that but feel free to dismiss that completely. 110 degrees is 110 degrees. Period. If you want great weather then move to Southern California or if that's too expensive then go to Florida or Hawaii or somewhere in the Carribean. The kids at Arizona State University in nearby Tempe aren't too smart. It's like they're in High School again. They brag constantly about being a party school and it gets quite annoying after awhile.
Phoenix should not be mistaken for a real city.
by anonymous1232214 June 12, 2008
Phoenix the nations 5th largest city and the fastest growing major city in America. Central Phoenix is home to the Phoenix Suns and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Sky Harbor airport is one of the busiest in the nation. The area also includes lower class whites,sometimes involved with Meth. These areas are parts of Mesa,Apache Junction,Cave Creek and Sunnslope. The southside and westside of Phoenix are predominantly Hispanic and black areas. Tempe best known for its party atmosphere and overspoiled ASU students. Glendale is home to the new Arizona Cardinal Stadium and Glendale arena. Scottsdale is one of the upper-class areas located northeast of Phoenix-whites only enclave.
1. By the time I get to Phoenix.
2. Phoenix great place eight months of the year.
3. Phoenix too many people movin in.
by zendar August 03, 2006
Home to imbreeders, sexists, psychos and tweekers.
"I married my cousin in Phoenix".
by loveoflife1234 March 08, 2011
A bowel movement so pleasing and ass shredding that the now water-encapsulated fecal unit(s) could easily support having a phoenix rise from its dookie ashes. The depositor of said BM would not be disappointed if he/she died right then.
I just peeled the paint and was seein' stars - it was total phoenix.
by Tookie Fruz September 14, 2006
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