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Phoenix, Arizona's most ghetto neighborhood, and one of the MOST ghetto in the whole Phoenix metro area. If Los Angeles has South Central and NYC has the South Bronx, Phoenix has Sunnyslope. Distinguishable by a large "S" on a man-made mountain nearby. If you're not looking to join a street gang, buy pigeon fajitas or take solicitations from leathery 50-year-old hookers, you'll probably be bored out of your mind. Indeed, there's nothing particularly "sunny" about "the slope" (Unless you count the sky's reflection on algae-ridden backyard pools.)
Guy: Ah jeez, I'm kinda short on cash. We have to move to some place cheaper. Whadya say, sweetie, Phoenix-Sunnyslope or West Mesa?
Gal: That's a no brainer, hun.
Guy: You think so?
Gal: Sunnyslope makes any part of Mesa look like Manhattan's Upper East Side.
by SaturnsSon October 13, 2008
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A school that went downhill when the nazi administration took over.
Sweep,no carsmash etc...
by redperson March 16, 2004
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