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Location of Penn State's main campus to which all the branch students call "Mecca."

Wanna get drunk? No problem! 21 bars within 2 square miles!

Wanna get laid? Noooo problem! Frats are crawling with disease-infested freshman & sophomore students who will sleep with anyone who hands them a warm Milwaukee's Beast.

Need an apartment? Noo problem at all! Just make sure you like getting screwed up the pooper with no lube every month.

The residents hate the students, the students hate the residents, and the district court LOVES the steady income of money from the many crimes committed on Fridays & Saturdays.
BranchCampusStudent#1: dude, i'm finally going up to State College this weekend to party!
BranchCampusStudent#2: OMG!! i'm so envious...all i get to do is sit in my dorm and rub one out.

PSUstudent#1: Damn State College police...i have another trial to go to.
PSUstudent#2: yea, i just paid $300 to the State College District Court for pissing in an alley behind the Saloon.
by Trapped in Hell March 09, 2005
a party school for ordinary people
State College is a great place to live when its not summer.
by Mike February 24, 2004
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