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clean, well mannered, gang free, retard free, beautiful, well educated state.STAY OUT!(I'm talking to you Californians)
You would be amazed the view Phoenix has
by rndmcmx July 28, 2012
A great friend but comes up with really bad jokes sometimes really random but not bad. She is gorgeous and a best friend of lots of people, she is really popular and fun to talk to. She has a bit of a smell so you will know when its her. But gorgeous and smart.
Man i smell something gross.......

Oh i know you smell Phoenix.

I met a super nerd today, i forgot the name though....

Oh i know who that is, its Phoenix
by I love phoenix May 28, 2009
A suicidal bird who sets itself aflame and comes back from the dead, supposedly rising from its ashes more beautiful than before. Jesus tries to imitate it.
Commonly misspelled Pheonix, Pheenix, Feenicks, Fenix, Feenix and Feonix. Just think suicidal pyromaniacal emo masochistic beauty. That is the Phoenix.
by PhoenixCursed January 05, 2009
A beautiful little girl, that is soooo wild that God gave here that precious face so that you won't hurt her when she gets in trouble. And with a name like Phoenix she gets so many nicknames such as Phoenie, Phoenie Weenie, Phoe, Phoe Phoe, Phoenie Bikini, Phoenie Martini, Phoenie Zuchini and more.
by Phoenie's Aunt February 05, 2010
a girl that is very smart

but very competitive
likes guys named raymond and girls named bottle
"shes such a phoenix"
"ew! what a phoenix!"
by stephylikesgibb April 07, 2010
A term used by stoners, usually means they've smoked themselves sober.
He was so high he got phoenixed!
by StJimmy42 December 13, 2009
The largest southwest suburb of Chicago. Also known as the capital city of Arizona. Whereas many East Coast retirees go to Florida, many Chicago retirees move out West to cities like Phoenix.
I live in Phoenix, Arizona.
by M. P. October 03, 2006