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People from Phoenix that move out of state tend to socialize strictly with other people from Phoenix, forming what is commonly referred to as "The Pho Town Crew." Some deem the Pho Town Crew as an epidemic as they have little personal identity, often wishing they were from a cooler place such as Southern California or Colorado. Members of the Pho Town Crew date exclusively within the crew; the males tend to swap girlfriends with alarming frequency. The Pho Town Crew travels everywhere together, especially at night when going out to bars or house parties. If one member of the Crew is invited to a party, typically 20 or more fellow members of the Pho Town Crew will show as well. While completely harmless, the Pho Town Crew can appear intimidating to from an outside point of view. Secretly, the Pho Town Crew is plagued with internal gossip and slandering due to the lack of fresh faces within the group.
Ah shit, here comes the Pho Town Crew. Who invited them?
by tinydancer69 March 05, 2012
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