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A huge phone that looks like a tablet, thus being given the name phablet! Ex: Galaxy note...
Hey Michael whats that you got there?? "Thats my phablet bro"
by Phelpyugin August 09, 2012
The Dell Streak is a phablet.
by AssimilationSuccessful January 18, 2011
Roll of flab that overhangs a lady's vagina.
I would tabone you, but your phablet will get in the way
by stevedogood September 11, 2013
A computing / communications device that straddles the tablet / phone barrier. Often a larger smart phone.
The Samsung Note is a phablet.
by Sir Not Appearing in this Film March 26, 2012
A huge cellphone that approaches the size of a tablet.
"Dang it, this phablet is too big to fit in my pocket."
by cuzinyung April 12, 2012
it's a mobile phone with a huge 5 inches screen that looks like a tablet.
I got a new phablet! It's Samsung Galaxy Note 2!
by jason24589 January 25, 2013