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A game involving virtual cats and dogs. Often players of this game like to hack into the files and mess with things. A hacker's toy.
Does anyone here play Petz?
by Anonymous July 02, 2003
One of the best computer games ever known. Highly addicting. :D See:
I play Petz.
by Kristen August 10, 2003
Noun: some short kid who carries around a backpack all day and bags at krogers 24/7
This kid was pulling a petz the other day when I went to Kroger.
#roney #shanley #dick #poop #backpack #kroger
by dallas white June 22, 2007
Same as potz or putz, ie., the male sex organ or a very stupid and foolish person. The relationship between the organ and a person derives from the Yiddish "explanation", "Wherever you push him that's where he goes". (It's better in Yiddish.) Also used as the plural of potz/putz.
"What a petz! He's such a fool he'll do any stupid thing someone tells him to." And, "What petz they are".
by Hotceller February 05, 2005
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