A one of a kind dude. Peter throws parties all the time, and they're always the best. Everybody likes this guy. But right when you want to bring him into your circle of friends, he does something terrible, and you dont ever want to speak to him ever again.
Bro 2: Duuuuuuude. I know, his parties are rockin.

(Next Week)

Bro 2: Duuuuuuude. What an idiot.
by FrickenRocken May 11, 2011
Verb: To automatically friend zone yourself. Usually via gestures of helping a prospective female with help for exams or classwork.
Man: Hey look at that guy hitting on that girl!

Man #2: He'll probably Peter that situation up.
by chobani October 07, 2010
Anyone with the name Peter is totally untrustworthy. You'll find that most Peter's will let you down and break promises. Peter is a total player. He'll pick up any girl that he can find, he's that desperate. Do not choose a Peter as a boyfriend, he'll just cheat on you. Never get involved with a Peter. He'll break your heart, throw it on the floor and spit on it.

Peter's often swear and are short-tempered. They show off a lot and don't care about other peoples feelings. You may find when searching the name Peter on the internet that there are many good things said about him and that he's a lovely boy. Don't be fooled. None of this is true.

Surprisingly, chances of love for Peter aren't that bad, only because that he has hurt are too afraid to talk to people about it.

Girl 1: "OMG!! Is that Peter over there? He's looking good."
Girl 2:"Don't even go there, he's a horrible person who only thinks about himself. Stay away from him."
by The Urban Dictionary Team October 28, 2013
Theres that kid Peter is called tumes.
by katey fz October 11, 2011
The biggest freak known to man that copies everyone especially cool and original people.
Peter copied superfreak and "changed" it to super-freak.
by lilscrpappy June 04, 2011
When a bunch of guys tries to hook up with one guy.
1) Kevin got petered.
2) Kevin got majorly petered.
3) JT
by TDAAWWGG September 01, 2010

a reigatian term for stealing. If something has gone missing, someone (namely Peters himself) has peters-ed it. A peters-ed incident is identifiable as something that is completely useless in purpose or value, and has gone missing. those that spot this burglary should all utter in unison PETERS..

can describe lying on ones back when about to score in hockey. one who performs this seemingly impossible feat is said to be in a state of peters.

Can also describe the explosion of home-made ginger beer. the bottle is said to have peters-ed. bonus points are awarded if the lemon pieces go all over the victim.
'peters came to my house last weekend, and peters-ed my guitar jack. i only found out when he told me.'

'theres a ball missing from this atom arrangement diagram.. PETERS..'

look at that peters lying on the ground when the cross came in..

the home-made ginger beer peters-ed all over Mr Dare, complete with lemon pieces to flavour.
by jamesblay December 03, 2009

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