A small cat. Often mistaken for it's actual name. A peter is another word for Cat.
Look it's a peter! Aww...little petie!
by Jketel July 02, 2012
A pita-eatin', potato salad makin', club sandal wearin', Trump supportin', no Baja tire giving, Carson Daly impersonator who never shows up to functions. This is especially true if it involves friends, beer, and sports (in that order).
Did you invite Peter to the BBQ?
Nah, he wouldn't show up and have some lame excuse on how his tummy hurts.

Hey, is Peter going to Baja?
Nah, man. He's still trying to get the dreadlocks removed from his mouth from the last time he came out.
by Reekoh July 16, 2016
Super confident and loves hitting the gym, but has trouble with the ladies. Always can be turned to as a good "friend", but nothing more.
Girl 1: "Hey, this guy talked to me, he's such a Peter"
Girl 2: "No way, I think that same guy talked to me!"
Girl 1: "I felt bad because he came on so strong, I gave him my number out of pity"
by PM-ME-UR-WATERMELON March 17, 2016
A bitch nigga
see, thats Peter, over there beating up small children and puppies
by @SophLivinLife669 January 23, 2016
Peter is a very hot guy who is great at dancing. He loves to flirt and is very bulit with a six pack. Peter is such a good looking guy who all the girls go crazy for. A peter gives all his attention to his girl and we love her through it. Peter is a very sexy guy and will HATE being called pete!
I really need to get myself a peter!
by robeds November 22, 2014
A way of saying good-bye. Combination of "Peace" and "Later."
Man: "Alright bro, I gotta go run to pick up my girl and shit."

Bro: "Shit man, peter!"
by Fuzz Lightbeard August 06, 2010
A person that is too smart for his own good and acts like he doesn't know anything but tells you he does
also kind of a jackass and contradicts anything you say or saw
man i hate that peter guy

yea me too he is such a peter
by acedude May 02, 2016
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