Peter is known as a sex-machine he is constantly picking up girls and is proud of his smart ass atittude and witty comebacks, he loves to make situations awkward and struggles to lose a argument.
"Damn you picked up that girl like your names Peter"
by jamal44 December 02, 2013
The guy of every girls dreams. He is beyond perfect in every way. Honestly the only living gentleman in this universe...he definitely knows how to treat a girl right. He always knows the cutest and right things to say. He makes your heart melt with happiness and joy and it's impossible to get him out of you're mind. He is beyong cute, athletic, smart, romantic, loving, caring and not to mention he's an axe model Olympian.

I love Peter.
Peter is beyond perfect <3
by It's only obvious... July 30, 2013
-Probably the most amazing guy you'll ever meet.
-The guy I'm in love with. :]
-He makes up funny words such as "Georofia," which means the line between Georgia and Florida.
-My life.
-Peter's so amazing, I love him so much.
-Peter's such a geek, he's the best person in the world. :]
-I love you, Peter.
by *αмвeя.; February 08, 2009
Peter is a very hot guy who is great at dancing. He loves to flirt and is very bulit with a six pack. Peter is such a good looking guy who all the girls go crazy for. A peter gives all his attention to his girl and we love her through it. Peter is a very sexy guy and will HATE being called pete!
I really need to get myself a peter!
by robeds November 22, 2014
He is an amazing person. Super nice and friendly. He's very handsome and really good at basketball.
Damn, peter's a great guy.
by IrishTurtle July 05, 2014
That nig that always buys you drinks and shit and doesn't get any appreciation
"Ayy peter give me that chocolate milk"
by Thatnigthatalwaysbuysyoudrinks November 18, 2014
An asshole who is a huge player will date a new girl every five minutes
Peter cheated on his girlfriend again!
by Nuggetsssssssssss November 08, 2014

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