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He is an amazing person. Super nice and friendly. He's very handsome and really good at basketball.
Damn, peter's a great guy.
by IrishTurtle July 05, 2014
A Peter is awesome. A Peter is funny. A Peter is the guy you turn to who essentially is your non-gay gay best friend (or NGGBF for short). Every girl wants one, and every girl that has her own Peter is eternally grateful for him. Some might even call him a "Good Luck Chuck", which may be true considering that after you've had a Peter, you know what to look for in a man from then on out. Though a Peter may be hard to catch since he is widely popular and well liked, super cute in his own charming sort of way and attracts a lot of attention, tends to always have plans, and though he loves everyone, he's very particular when it comes to matters of his own heart.
I'm having such a crappy day, I wish I had a Peter to make me feel better.

If only I knew a Peter, then maybe I'd stop dating such douche bags!
by DixieChick August 19, 2013
A small cat. Often mistaken for it's actual name. A peter is another word for Cat.
Look it's a peter! Aww...little petie!
by Jketel July 02, 2012
Peter is known as a sex-machine he is constantly picking up girls and is proud of his smart ass atittude and witty comebacks, he loves to make situations awkward and struggles to lose a argument.
"Damn you picked up that girl like your names Peter"
by jamal44 December 02, 2013
Nice most of the time. Intelligent, sexy, sweet. Sometimes an asshole. Doesn;t take break-ups well. Dirty, Hilarious, perfect ladies man. Once you get him, You don't want to let go.
Person #1: You should break up w/ ur boyfriends
Person #2: why? He's such a Peter <3
Person #1: True...
by GODIEINAHOLE May 12, 2014
The world's sexist man, definition of PERFECT. Anything you can look for in a man; Sexy, Asian, and incredibly Handsome.
Only guy in the planet to cheat on a girl and still get 10 more girls the next day. Peter is the true definition of; Sex machine, Sexy, Buff, Tone, just perfect, unlike the nasty creature: Quinn, Bao, and Tan. He is the total opposite of Kenny.
Girl 1: Omg? Is that Peter?

Girl 2: Hell yeah girl, I gave him head yesterday!

Girl 3: Oh, I was gunna head over today!

Girl 1: What? I was gunna come over today too?
by OfficalDictionary October 05, 2013
Anyone with the name Peter is totally untrustworthy. You'll find that most Peter's will let you down and break promises. Peter is a total player. He'll pick up any girl that he can find, he's that desperate. Do not choose a Peter as a boyfriend, he'll just cheat on you. Never get involved with a Peter. He'll break your heart, throw it on the floor and spit on it.

Peter's often swear and are short-tempered. They show off a lot and don't care about other peoples feelings. You may find when searching the name Peter on the internet that there are many good things said about him and that he's a lovely boy. Don't be fooled. None of this is true.

Surprisingly, chances of love for Peter aren't that bad, only because that he has hurt are too afraid to talk to people about it.

Girl 1: "OMG!! Is that Peter over there? He's looking good."
Girl 2:"Don't even go there, he's a horrible person who only thinks about himself. Stay away from him."
by The Urban Dictionary Team October 28, 2013