-Probably the most amazing guy you'll ever meet.
-The guy I'm in love with. :]
-He makes up funny words such as "Georofia," which means the line between Georgia and Florida.
-My life.
-Peter's so amazing, I love him so much.
-Peter's such a geek, he's the best person in the world. :]
-I love you, Peter.
by *αмвeя.; February 08, 2009
Peter is known as a sex-machine he is constantly picking up girls and is proud of his smart ass atittude and witty comebacks, he loves to make situations awkward and struggles to lose a argument.
"Damn you picked up that girl like your names Peter"
by jamal44 December 02, 2013
Most amazing guy you will ever meet. Knows how to treat a lady, the right way. Loves playing music. Love to hunt and is too easy to fall in love with.
I think I'm in love with Peter
by Blub September 10, 2015
a guy who sticks up for anyone and everyone , a guy whose a great kisser , a guy who makes a girl named izzy laugh her socks off , a guy u can talk to about anything , a guy whos friends bother him at lunch bjt then izzy walks by and he starts blushing , an independent, confident ,hot ,sexy , cute, nerd, with the most amazing personality, peter is the one for me!
"i heard that peter is such a good kisser" " wow! peter is such a great person to talk to!"
by izzy.fournier.from.ROMS October 30, 2015
A pigeon that dreams of becoming a person
Hey look its a peter
by whattheshit July 20, 2015
Peter is a very hot guy who is great at dancing. He loves to flirt and is very bulit with a six pack. Peter is such a good looking guy who all the girls go crazy for. A peter gives all his attention to his girl and we love her through it. Peter is a very sexy guy and will HATE being called pete!
I really need to get myself a peter!
by robeds November 22, 2014
That nig that always buys you drinks and shit and doesn't get any appreciation
"Ayy peter give me that chocolate milk"
by Thatnigthatalwaysbuysyoudrinks November 18, 2014
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