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A drink that is only avaialble at China Buffet in Ludington, MI. In clear english, usually pronounced "Pepsi"
Waitress: What you want to Drink?

Customer: I'll have a Pepsi, please.

Witress: Ok, Pesi. Go head, have a sit.
by charlygordon123456 July 22, 2006
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A available in Chinese restaurant, often mistaken by the Chinese to be Pepsi
Chinamen-How many? What you like drink?

Patron-Yes I'd like a Pepsi

Chinamen-Okay Pesi? Go have buffet now.
by Stokes24 June 28, 2011
Pesis is the mispelled word of Penis. Iy is used because it's fun to use, and when you are trying to speak about penises without others knowing, it's a great cover!
"The men had pesis wars with each other."
"His Pesis asploded!"
"I'm being cereal when I say this! His Pesis was this big!!"
by fuu November 06, 2007

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