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1. a small appetizer meant to tease the palate before the meal

2. a small amount of sex ("amuse the bush") at the start of the day that is not enough to satisfy but to tease before the main course later in the day
1. "The crostini with pan-seared fois gras was a delightful amuse-bouche."

2. "Yep, I woke up at 7 but had to leave the house at 7:15 so we had a 5 minute amuse-bouche before showering and going to work- can't wait for the main course."
by DJJC October 09, 2007
A small appetizer, usually served in fancy French or "Asian Fusion" restaurants before the waiter/ress takes your order. Sometimes one, sometimes as many as three small bites, showing off the chef's skill in creating and blending flavors.
I went to Cafe del Rey yesterday and they had the most amazing amuse bouche. I popped it into my mouth an d it was like being in heaven.
by ultimobear June 15, 2014
The act of burping into your partner's mouth during a kiss. French term meaning "Little Mouthful."
After gyros, Steve liked to give his girlfriend a little amuse bouche.
by Butter Churn May 15, 2011
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