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An abriviation for the word Pretty. Commonly used when texting.
Omg thats so Pert!
by chook 4 ever January 27, 2009
20 41
(n.) Shorthand/slang for 'period', i.e. a woman's menstrual cycle.
What's up with Cathy? She's really been raging lately.
I don't know, man, she's probably on her 'pert'.
by Jaynation December 29, 2009
6 28
used to describe the female reproductive system, or used to show that you're soon to be getting action with that of a female.
Joe: All i did was tickle her wet pert.
by Lucchino August 20, 2007
21 45
marijuana, weed, bud, grass, ganja, reefer, etc
"What's happenin, what's up? Get that pert fired up
What's happenin, what's up? got Patron in my cup"
-Lil Jon (Snap yo fingas)
by DrewP September 28, 2006
71 96
The act of releasing gas while urinating. (Fart-pee)
I was so embarassed when I perted.

Wow I think I am going to pert.
by JKrue June 03, 2008
18 44
shampoo, in australia
john: hey man where would I find the pert

chloe: isle 17 near the pantene
by naia May 26, 2007
13 42
pert plus
mmmm i smell like pert plus mixed with chode
by fucker June 08, 2003
11 49