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When a girls leaves some of her period stuff on you or on something.
She wasn't wearing a tampon and she perioded all over my leg.
by Anthony Rufo January 19, 2008
to period thru or on something
a. "I perioded through my pants last night."

b. "I think some perioded on your bed"
by lil soft soft April 19, 2009
Verb. During a woman's menses when her blood and other matter is discharged from her uterus and she is unprotected (with a tampon, pad or other device) and leaves unwanted traces (underwear stains, etc.).
Dude. It was so sick. I woke up the next morning to find out that bitch had perioded all over my new sheets.
by AlythiahTheGreat June 17, 2014
Verb. Past Tense.
Getting shut down by more than one female during a week due to that time of the month
1) Gabe got perioded this week.
2) Charlie Sheen should try harder or else both women will cause him to be falsely perioded.

3) If Bill Clinton had been perioded instead of fucked Monica Lewinsky that week, we would currently live in a better world. Instead, that time of the month didn't come for Monica on time...
4) Tiger Woods never got perioded in a week before.
by Cornelius' Corn Flakes March 18, 2010
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