an object often used to write with while some people use it for other means, commonly used by stalkers for anything they believe necessary, often noting the names of the people and dates
Jack:I can't wait til i see Jess and i've got a pencil in hand
"friend":Why, so you can write stuff with her?
Jack:No(looks coyly) i have other plans
by JEIASANTAI March 09, 2006
Top Definition
1. Male that comes into chat as *number.number inches* and loves all the ladies. He's also known to only say 1 or 2 words to most of them before trying to get them in bed and bang them!

2. He's also a sweet guy who doesn't always think with his pencil! Takes the time to chill out and breathe and help you with your problems rather it's about sex or not!
Pencil: :o Heyy!!
Lady 1: Hello.
Lady 2: Hey Pencil..
Pencil: Okay, Now let's have sex.

*What happens in the PC stays in the PC..*

by This is bullshit! January 15, 2009
A dude that goes into a chat under
*number.numer*inches and loves all the ladies. He's only known to say 1 or 2 words to them before trying to jump them in bed and bang them!

On other hand he does take time to chill and breathe while helping others rather their problem is about sex or not! ;) haha. This is lame I know!
Pencil: Hi.
Lady 1: Hello!
Lady 2: Heyy!
Pencil: Ok, Now let's have sex.
by This Is Bullshit. January 15, 2009
An abused instrument that is constantly being chucked a harmless bystanders.
*throws pencil*. Billy,"Owww!".
by Casserole March 21, 2003
Something you start chewing on when you got no food at home.
"Mmmmmmm.... this is good shit!"
by Enfero December 09, 2004
A writing tool used to mark paper. Made of graphite and wood and is very cheap.
No example for this definition
by Pencil Definer May 30, 2004
A writting stick.
starfish: hey can i borrow a pencil?
cow: you mean writing stick?
starfish: screw you.
by 21patrick60 June 03, 2009
1.)A writing and drawing tool made of graphite and wood. Comes in various shapes (lenght, color). Also available in different degrees of strenght (in Germany: 2B, B, HB, H, 2H - from soft to hard).
Can be used in zero-gravity.

2.)Also childish slang word for penis.
1.) American in a russian space-station MIR:
American: *takes out a biro*
"See? We spend 100.000.000 $ to develop this new biro. One can write in space, underwater and upside-down with it."
Russian: "Quite impressive!" *takes notes with his pencil*

2.) "John's got his pencil out!"
by Durel January 26, 2006
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