1. A cylindrical writing utensil filled with graphite.
2. Someone who is particularly thin
1. "yo pass me that pencil, Gangsta!"

2. "Hey there Chris D, Whats up pencil dude?
by The Mecca October 04, 2007
a further explication of uses for "pencil" meaning teeny weeny
What you can ask a friend named Dick... "Hey, do you have a pencil, Dick?"
by Bobby the Chihooahooah November 06, 2005
a pencil is the protege to the legendary Blunt. The difference is the dutch, which is usually a 69 cent White Owl, Game, Philly, or dutch master. The pencil is just a thin version of a larger dutch, and usually rolled like a philly (not taking off the outer leaf). 10 dollars worth of weed is usually all thats thrown into a pencil.
Me and D-lo just copped a dime and rolled up a pencil, you tryna get sharpened too?

Man i love duecing pencils they get me zooty
by Tim-e-btz May 24, 2012
Refers to Asians.
Yellow on the outside, white on the inside, but deep down they're black.
"You're he's such a twinkie."
"No he got some swag. He's a pencil."
by gotthatpencilflow November 19, 2011
The asian counterpart to an 'inside out oreo'. Asian on the outside, black on the inside- hence pencil.
Extremely White Person- "Yo I'm an insideout oreo !"
Super Asian Person- "Ite, Imma pencil."
Extremely White Person- "Whaaaaaaa"
by ilovemyasianfriendm! June 08, 2011
an object often used to write with while some people use it for other means, commonly used by stalkers for anything they believe necessary, often noting the names of the people and dates
Jack:I can't wait til i see Jess and i've got a pencil in hand
"friend":Why, so you can write stuff with her?
Jack:No(looks coyly) i have other plans
by JEIASANTAI March 09, 2006
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