1.an insulte u say to a person.. meaning nothin at all
2.an insulte to a skinny person with no muscle
ur a pencil
that guy is such a pencil
by Studa July 12, 2006
Not to be mistaken for Kencil my pencil, it is a handy writing mobobber that can write words, draw things, and can take over our minds at times. Otherwise known as a writer colider.
Kenny thought that a pencil had talked to him before.


I grabbed Kencil my pencil and wrote away.
by I am Iron Man April 08, 2006
dude,unless ur a guy NEVER say u have a pencil
by fuckingidiot0 February 20, 2009
a long, skinny penis
that boy has one small pencil
by c.t July 05, 2005
a pad a girl uses when she is on her period
bailey needed a pencil from emily
by mojas boyfriend March 15, 2009
1. an asian person who acts black in anyway.
2. a writing utensel
1. Jin Da MC
2. sharpen the pencil please, teacher and write me a poem
by Ren July 04, 2004
the name given to high school boys who carry a plethora of pencils in their pockets even though their handwriting in practically incomprhendible...they usualy wear fingerless gloves and are obsessive about protecting their eyes from the sun. They enjoy music such as linkin park and rarely answer their mobile phones...
pencils: do you want to listen to some linkin park?
hot chick: um...no thanks..
pencils: ok... i'll just head back to the laboratoy
by ulrik g pod June 21, 2006

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