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Penis + Weiner = Peener

It's just more fun
Peener Peener Mansee has a weiner.
Sarah has a peener
That boy is a peener.
by Peener October 13, 2004
1. A person, especially a man, regarded as being a goon, dufus, or dumb ass an ineffective person.
2. a contraction of the words penis and wiener ie. peener the bizarro world equivalent of which would be a weenis.
3. Vulgar Slang. A penis.
I can't believe I forgot about that. Maybe I have amnesia or maybe I was just a peener.

Excuse me, that was my peener you just groped.
by nick April 27, 2006
combination of penis and weiner
Person 1:"You don't have a peener"

Person 2:"Well fuck you!"
by Jack_Pack November 20, 2013
To have an erection caused by a build up of urine.
Zak are you getting a boner for Becca?!?

No, It's a peener I swear.
by MWE91 July 06, 2011
The appearence of having an erection caused by a full bladder. Can lead to awkward moments.
Man 1: Aw, dude! You're getting a boner from those elementary school children? What is wrong with you?!

Man 2: No No No! It's just a peener, I swear!
by wpk914 January 09, 2010
When you get a boner which is caused by the necessity to urinate.
1:Yo why did Zak leave in such a hurry?
2: He has a peener
by Mwe911 June 23, 2011
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