Something that, if achieved, will bore the world to tears. As a result, there will be mass suicides or massive wars.
Peace is also a phrase hippies love to use.
by korovamilkbar14 August 14, 2007
A phrase used like "good bye..." meant to be used for close friends. Drug-ies use to say goodbye to deals
i.e. "Alright, man, peace."

OR "So you'll pick it (as in drug) up in two hours?! Good. Peace."
by NicoleCousins September 12, 2005
1. A lapse in warfare between nations. Tends to be an abstract theory.
2. An informal goodbye.
3. To knock someone out in one punch.
1. We can have peace by firing guns at each other.
2. Peace, Saddam Hussein.
3. I'm gonna peace that motherfucker!
by friend of bob May 21, 2004
to have no war or hate in the world. Cannot be accomplished while bush is in power. also cannot be accomplished with racist mutherfuckers bein hateful and all.
canada=peace. Yea!!!!
by chrisguy February 20, 2004
The means through which we can create utopia where all may coexist quietly and contentedly with each other without strife or pain. With war-mongering assholes like Dubya around, hateful Republican bullshit, and every country thinking they're better than everyone else, its just a dream.
Sometimes I imagine that we have world peace, and then I wake up to this shitty reality
by chic geek January 30, 2004
A variation of "peace", but with emphasis on the "ace".

Pronounced pee-ACE.
Guy 1: Okay well, I guess I'll see you later!
Guy 2: Alright, pe-ace, yo!
by 5minutewarning! March 31, 2010
A Rock Band in the Los Angeles, California area. Songs written by Steve Zicklin, who plays the guitar and is the vocalist. Chris Bone plays the Bass and Huffy Smith on Drums. Albums include "Approaching Destiny" and "Peace is the Answer."
The band Peace rocks.
by Peace Live February 03, 2010

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