means healing, rebuilding, kindness, moving forward. She's probably just trying to be kind.
by thecool1111 March 10, 2013
Something gained by war.
I will fight for peace.
by TruthSpitter June 13, 2012
not giving a fuck about what goes on most of the time
World peace would solve all of the world's problems.
by needsmoreclever October 20, 2010
A polite way of saying 'fuck you' at the end of an argument.
You're a complete idiot, and everything you've said is wrong. Whatever. Peace.
by freditha June 06, 2010
peace can be used to describe a state of tranquility or can also be used interjectionally as a request, greeting or farewell.
aight dash. peace
by ajmeeh6842 January 03, 2010
If you want it, prepare for war...
The funniest thing about "peace" is that everyone apparently wants it, but everybody thinks they need weapons to insure it.
by quakeroatmealsnacks May 04, 2009
The absence of conflict, usually requiring conflict to establish; a lack of conflict
World War II was required to bring peace to Europe.
by Drew Harrison May 29, 2005

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