The best thing ever, bro
Peace: The purpose of life is to enjoy yourself n' never hurt anyone. If you can't understand this then your kind shouldn't be allowed to breed.
by MasonYouKnowIt September 06, 2010
A polite way of saying 'fuck you' at the end of an argument.
You're a complete idiot, and everything you've said is wrong. Whatever. Peace.
by freditha June 06, 2010
peace can be used to describe a state of tranquility or can also be used interjectionally as a request, greeting or farewell.
aight dash. peace
by ajmeeh6842 January 03, 2010
no war. peace is when there is no war. there is also the little symbol that all 13 year old girls wear because its "cute". and most of the time they don't actually care about peace.
Person 1: Look at my peace sign bracelet! isn't it cute!
Person 2: Do you actually believe in peace? Or do you just think it's cute?
Person 1:...

by hippie13 March 25, 2009
Peace: noun, verb & adjective.

Peace is a movement from the late 50's up to today.
Peace should not be a fucking trend.
Peace should be a symbol of love and true happiness.
Peace would rather be supported by 2 people who actually understand and act out, ACT OUT, the meaning than 29847592847 people who simply thing it's a cool thing to have on their shirts because their friends do.
"Give peace a chance."
-John Lennon
***if you really have the truest amount of pure peace, you would have already known who said that and for what that was said. (which was a song)***

annoying prep fucker: "Don't you love my $250 purse with the peace sign and sparkles all on it?"
**2 mintues later**
"Bitch get out of the way." (not peaceful at all.)

REAL DEAL!: "Settle down prep, we just need some peace."
"Love is all you need."
-The Beatles.
by peacepeacepeacepeacepeacepeace February 21, 2009
4) What asians do with their hands when pose....
love, peace, happiness

by miles and freyttsie May 23, 2009
If you want it, prepare for war...
The funniest thing about "peace" is that everyone apparently wants it, but everybody thinks they need weapons to insure it.
by quakeroatmealsnacks May 04, 2009
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