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no war. peace is when there is no war. there is also the little symbol that all 13 year old girls wear because its "cute". and most of the time they don't actually care about peace.
Person 1: Look at my peace sign bracelet! isn't it cute!
Person 2: Do you actually believe in peace? Or do you just think it's cute?
Person 1:...

by hippie13 March 25, 2009
Something that, if achieved, will bore the world to tears. As a result, there will be mass suicides or massive wars.
Peace is also a phrase hippies love to use.
by korovamilkbar14 August 14, 2007
1. A lapse in warfare between nations. Tends to be an abstract theory.
2. An informal goodbye.
3. To knock someone out in one punch.
1. We can have peace by firing guns at each other.
2. Peace, Saddam Hussein.
3. I'm gonna peace that motherfucker!
by friend of bob May 21, 2004
to have no war or hate in the world. Cannot be accomplished while bush is in power. also cannot be accomplished with racist mutherfuckers bein hateful and all.
canada=peace. Yea!!!!
by chrisguy February 20, 2004
a myth that was introduced in the beginning of time to help little children fall asleep easier. the myth envolves a time when no wars are occuring, nobody is getting murdered or raped, and everyone is peaceful and happy.
Peace is like god, you hear storys about it, but nobody you know has a good example of how it exists.
by Elazar July 13, 2007
something that doesn't exsist...
the wars, the hatred...all of it...there's no peace.
by hh1116 June 20, 2007
Act of leaving
an act of making a farewell
Iight bye my nig, PEACE.
Iight I got u PEACE.
Naw, I'll u back PEACE.
by D33D33 May 31, 2007