Peace is the theory of universal love and acceptance.Sadley peace cannot be acheived because to do so would end all conflict and thus bring about the end of the world because there would be nothing left for humanity to argue about so life would have no reason to continue.
I believe in Peace.
by Crackhead Hippie August 15, 2008
The absence of conflict, usually requiring conflict to establish; a lack of conflict
World War II was required to bring peace to Europe.
by Drew Harrison May 29, 2005
true peace is creation
Only peace will solve word issues because hopefully people will develop compassion and understanding of what truly matters truth the life they bring
by you da man July 23, 2010
The act of saying duces and peace at the same time.
Matt: yo im tired im out

Trelvis: aight DUCES!!!!

by MX Xav December 28, 2009
An utopia, did not exist, does not exist and probably will exist when humas extinct...
Peace does not exist, if you think it does, I am challenging you to find it...
by does my breath smell? March 06, 2008
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