A woman who acts and behaves like a man. She drinks beer like a man and watches football like a man.
Dude, your girl is such a Paula.
by neeeurotic December 08, 2013
An annoying ass bitch, who is selfish when it comes to guys. Also backstabbing friend
Damn, she's rude, she must be a Paula.
by barryallen2011 December 19, 2014
From the French word "Paulette", meaning "Hooker"
(It is especially funny when someone drives a red car because red cars are the color of hooker/ rapeist cars.)
OMG! Look at that Paula! She is driving a red car!
by The Hooker in the Hat March 15, 2011
Possession of Alcohol Under the Legal Age
Aw man, last night I was having a great time, and then got charged with paula and now I'm going to have to pay this huge fine.
by pixie November 15, 2005
One who has a hard time making decisions
She doesn't know which computer she wants? What a Paula!
by Karla Marx July 14, 2010
Someone who joins into a conversation but comes out with a completly spontaneous and quite frankly retarded answer.
Me - How long did it take to get there Paula?

Paula - On a Bus
by An average joe on the street January 20, 2010
Most likley to have brown greasy hair, obsessed with work and school, likes guys that are taken, tries to be stupid, and is really annoying and messy. A person that has no style. A person that no one likes.
Do you see that freak? She is such a Paula!
by trashers June 13, 2010

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