A gorgeous girl that everyone loves. She loves music and has a nice body.
Nathaniel: Man, who is that?

Marcos: I don't know, she must be a Paula though.
by hippiedippiefreak July 23, 2011
Character From Earthbound
Paula prays with her whole heart! A very subtle light engulfs Ness and his friends.
by linkis27 April 25, 2007
A type of Pigeon that is extremely mean and aggressive. if you disturb a Paula they will attack you by peaking at your eyes and smacking you with there wings. there are rare Paula's that are nice and when they are they with sit on your shoulder and attack anyone that bothers or messes with you.
Guy 1: Hey look its a pigeon!
Guy 2: No don't go near it, its a Paula!
Guy 1: AHHHHHHHHH my eyes!!!
Bully: That is a stupid looking bird nerd.
Nerd: No she is not!
Bully: What did you say!
Nerd: Paula attack!
Bully: AHHHHHHHHH my eyes!!!
by DanHAHA October 25, 2013

A beautiful, loving and caring girl that is always chill. She always likes hanging out and talking. Shes a great friend. If anyone wants to scrap her she wont back down. She is very strong and always tries doing new things.
Damn that girl is really nice and good looking. Yea she must be a Paula
by WolF-Reaper February 24, 2015
Normally a fun, lovable, elegant girl. She has her own style and is gracefull.
"I met this perfect chick online."
"Did you? Damn she's cute."
"She's really fun and always laughing..."
"Must be a Paula."
by _Karma_ February 08, 2015
Tall beautiful independent girl that attracts girls "partners". Shes very caring too most people and never let's go of the past and is always ready for the future. She's extreamly good in sports, very talented girl I should say.
Wow, that must be a Paula !
by Lala Rozay January 04, 2015
Paula:A ugly hoe with all types if sexual diseases
Freaking Paula, that hoe blew my man.
by Dirty Paula October 17, 2015

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