A wanna be nigga who thinks he has 2 wear a grill all the time cause he was in nellys song grillz.Biggest wigger ever.
Damn Paul Wall is 1 gay ass wigga!
#wigger #bitch #whore #asswhipe #hoe
by Ag Town's Finest June 21, 2006
A talentless white Southern rapper with so much metal in his mouth he can't rhyme or flow. Basically the white version of Mike Jones. Paul Wall is somewhere between Bubba Sparxxx and Rodney Dangerfield as far as white MCs go. He sucks. I'm not hating on his money or success, I'm just saying, get this talentless piece of wigger shit off my TV. He's got nothing to say, hes got no beats. Paul, go have a foursome with Eminem, Mike Jones, and Vanilla Ice. Then shoot yourselves.
Paul Wall needs to stop. Now. What else can I say?
#wall #paul #southern #mike jones #bubba sparxxx #eminem
by Common Sense7 October 03, 2005
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