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UGK (short for Underground Kingz) are a hip-hop duo born and raised in Port Arthur, Texas. Formed in 1987, by long-time friends Chad "Pimp C" Butler and Bernard "Bun B" Freeman, they are highly respected by many of their peers, due in part to their longevity and their entrenchment in hip-hop's underground. They also invented the word, "Trill."
I got Bobby by tha pound, Whitney by tha key, DJ Screw by tha gallon, tha game belong to me.
UGK 4 Life
by DirtySouthEntertainment November 21, 2006
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a Southern Rap group from Port Authur, Texas, Consisting of Pimp C and Bun B. The Group Acheived mainstream success with their Break through album Too Hard to swallow in 1992. They Collaborated with such Artists as Jay Z, Too Short, Three Six Mafia, Cool Ace, Devin the Dude, and Z-Ro.
Me: "Pimp n Bun were the best all time, ugk is great."

OG: "Yeah."
by tthaprophet November 12, 2010
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Under Ground Kings

West Charlotte 4 Life
That new track, bend over, by ugk is ill
by Jay Hampton December 18, 2004
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