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caps or fitting worn over ones teeth, either on top, bottom, or both. To be mostly made out of gold, silver, diamond, or platinum.
Check out my new Diamond GRILLZ.
by Lil Devil December 06, 2005
The most dreadful fashion trend since fanny packs.
"Woah! I carry around some extra grillz in my fanny pack, yo!"
by Emily75431 September 02, 2006
Gold, silver, diamond, platinum caps fitted over teeth. Usually worn by Black rappers, with the exception of the white/ wigger rapper Paul Wall. Conspicuous spending, meant to show that he/she is so wealthy, he/she can afford to put 'grillz' in their mouth.
Ghetto person: omgz his grillz are so gangsta.
by Ghettopeoplearestupid December 31, 2005
Those dumb ass things that some people think it's cool to wear on your teeth. it's oral jewelry,a waste of gold and diamonds,plus and it doesn't look good on ANYBODY. not even on nelly, who is the dead sexiest man in the world.
Grillz are stupid. Draw the line at the the bling bigger than your damn head. Leave your mouth alone,fool.
by happy13nappy January 20, 2006
Gold or platinum diamond encrusted junk moon crickets put on their teefus. A guarantee that a person has more money than brains.
Nelly putted some grillz on his teefus, then proceeded to ruin them with a bucket of extra crispy.
by John Heinz Kerry February 24, 2006
teeth/mouth jewlery.
also a song by nelly.
both are equally pointless.
hey! check my new grillz, they is fresh!
by bdfb May 29, 2006
gangsta dentures/braces.
"those grillz look like fillings. What a loser."

"imagine how many starving children he could have saved with the money spent on those things."
by AskaGreenDay December 12, 2006
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