3 definitions by qwertyuiopoiuytrewq

1.The team that is the worst team in a sporting competion.
2.A Team that hasnt won a game
3. the team at the bottom of a sporting ladder
The Cronulla sharks are the wooden spooners in the NRL competion this year.
by qwertyuiopoiuytrewq August 12, 2007
A footy term reffering to a team that is easy to beat, or lacks in skill.
"I cant wait to play Carina!"
"coz theyre the easy beats!"
by qwertyuiopoiuytrewq August 12, 2007
a wigger rapper

wigger cracker grillz
paul wall cant rap to save his fuckin life
by qwertyuiopoiuytrewq January 05, 2006

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