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In English, a man's name meaning "a patrician, or a noble".

Some folks name their kids Patrick because of their Irish background, or after Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.

Patricks range from the super athletic (such as Patrick Eaves) to the theatrical elite (such as Patrick Swayze) to great political thinkers (such as Patrick Pearse).

Patrick can be shortened to Pat and Paddy, and can be feminized as Patty, Pat, or Patricia. There are over three dozen different translations for the name.

Patrick is an iconic name for the Irish people, especially the Irish men, though Russians, Dutchmen, and others who aren't necesarily Irish or Irish-related have been named Patrick, too.

Interestingly, the accredited source of the name, Saint Patrick, wasn't Irish at all! He was actually a Roman citizen of Britain.
There have been several PATRICKs throughout history. Saint Patrick was a great Scottish missionary, Patrick Pearse wrote plays and supported the Easter Rising, and Paddy Bradley's an Irish footballer.

As for me, Patrick, I hope to become a great actor and singer. Maybe even a writer or director.
by GenghisKhan44 August 18, 2009
134 63
A man too busy doing incredible work to realize how beautiful he really is. He's a little shy and doesn't always believe that the woman he sees wants him bad, in the worst possible way. Is so desirable, lovable, sexy and smart that he can drive a previously incorruptible woman to self-satisfy 3-7 x a day just thinking of him, FOR TWO YEARS. Has a beautiful face complemented by a very nice ass and very kissable thighs.
Patrick is too good to be true: I jism a little just thinking about him.
by yummygurl January 09, 2011
567 316
A guy that is amazing with girls. SUPER insanely hot. Is into photography. really nice, and cares for everyone. Has tons of friends. His girlfriend is beautiful. Makes-out REALLY good. Can be very sexual at times. Tall. Text's a lot. Likes to read. very interesting. very SILLY, and funny!
"Doode thats a patrick for sure"
by santababehbish May 02, 2009
526 299
Truly the most amazing guy in the world, he really is one of a kind. He is insanely sweet and sensitive, kind and loving not forgetting handsome. He makes you laugh without even trying and just hearing his amazing voice makes you smile and sometimes it even makes your heart miss a beat. To me he's not only the most incredible guy in the world he is the most incredible person in the world. He means everything to me and without him life wouldn't be the same. He may live a long way away but he is never far away from my heart. I love him so much and always will.
Patrick is the person who makes my day without fail, and makes life worth living.
by Gidget Nunn August 16, 2011
461 258
girl2 - Did you see him!
girl1 - Yeah i think thats Patrick
girl2 - sure as hell thats Patrick he's so hott
by Megan Novotney April 09, 2009
301 144
A fat pink starfish
by Roastmasters July 24, 2009
312 162
An absolute beast!!

Every girl wants him bad.

Smart, cute, funny, and just a plain BAMF!

Very talented in music and sports.
(Patrick playing an instrument)

Taylor: Who is that guy? He's amazing.

Alexis: You don't know who he is? It's Patrick duh!

Taylor: Oh, I should have known... I fail...
by goose2450 May 27, 2009
230 121
a hot boy who gets alot of girls and is goog at sports
by madougie April 25, 2009
307 207