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A very attractive man who likes to be physically fit. He tends to hide behind his emotions by making excuses. Every girl wants him, but he is hard to get. If you do he is even harder to keep. He get's along best with girls named Brittany. Although, he does not admit liking them, Brittany will always be there for him. He should give her a shot.
Oh, stop acting like Patrick.
by soccerchick23 February 04, 2010
All around perfect man and a sexy beast. He is the mmost romantic and respective to all girls.He kills in any sport he plays. Strong like bull. Always competitive, and ALWAYS wins what he competes in. Some consider to be on the status of not only a god, but THE God.
"Shit my girl friend left me for some dude..."
"For who"
"A guy named Patrick"
Dude don't mess with him they call him GOD
by bavonboy3 February 05, 2010
a guy that is straighter than hugh hefner that is sometimes silly but not too silly easy to get along with but a jerk when he is mad
wow that kid was a total Patrick!!!
by why do u say that August 29, 2010
Most perfect guy ever. No questions. He's awkward and a little shy, but he's the sweetest and most thoughtful person in the world. He brings out the absolute best in people. He knows the exact words to make anyone feel better. He might not be the strongest, most athletic guy ever, but he definitely is adorable and more than amazing. Whoever ends up with Patrick should never regret it.
Patrick asked me out!
He's weak.
But he calls me beautiful everyday.
by youonlyliveninetimes April 19, 2012
An amazing, wonderful, attractive guy who can be extremely sweet at times! He is very smart and talented. He'll make you smile when you're upset and he'll never let you down. Also, there is this one girl who loves him more than anything in the world and he always makes her smile!
Patrick, you are amazing!
by No.... January 17, 2014
A Patrick is most likely to be the most attractive guy in the room. He doesn't care what people think and although he's a total sweetheart, he would do anything to protect you. He always knows when something's wrong. He is optimistic and keeps you on your toes. He's romantic and good at remembering details. He's that guy who will randomly start dancing with you or rip his shirt in public. It's just how he do.
That Patrick kid is my best friend. I love him
by muahahaha98734 May 28, 2011
The most amazing guy you'll ever meet. He's so sweet and caring and very attractive. He can always make a bad day so much better. He'll always tell you how much he loves you. He's the kind of guy you wouldn't mind spending your life with. If you're dating a Patrick, never let him go. He's always there for you no matter what. Patrick can always tell when something's wrong and he can make it better. He's your soulmate. Patrick will love you like no one else can. He's really the most amazing guy you will ever meet.
Girl 1: I want to meet someone amazing.

Girl 2: Let me introduce you to Patrick!!
by bae6277 January 04, 2014